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I’m Visiting

We love people visiting to share in our worship of Jesus Christ. But we also realize visiting any new community can feel daunting – especially if you are still only exploring faith or aren’t used to church.

What will happen when I arrive?

When you visit you should expect to find a community of people trying to live out their faith in Jesus in a complex world. We worship together to find hope and instruction from the Bible, to pray for God’s help, and to share in the bread and wine (known as Holy Communion, or Eucharist) where we experience Jesus’ presence in a special way.

Are your services traditional or contemporary?

Both. St Mary’s is part of the Anglican tradition, which believes that Christian faith is always contemporary, yet also anchored in a bigger story and tradition. That’s why our worship times draw on the best of the church’s 2000 year history. Our services contain some symbolic elements because we believe that when it comes to knowing God, words and actions belong together.

Don’t worry if some things don’t make sense at first. Joining any new community takes time and every family has its own customs.  We just want you to feel relaxed and to know you are among friends who are on the same journey.

What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive, someone will greet you at the door and give you everything you need to participate in the service. If you fill out a contact card, someone from the church will be in touch with you during the week to see if we can help you in any way.

How are each of your services different?

Our 8am service is ideal for early risers. We worship using a prayer book and hymn book.

Our 9:30 service has people from across the age spectrum. Shared prayers are printed on an easy-to-follow service sheet and song lyrics are projected on a screen. We are used to having lots of children around, and have a crèche and Sunday Club.  We celebrate Holy Communion (or the Eucharist) every week.

(Under Kids??) During school terms we operate a crèche and ‘Sunday Club’ for primary aged children, and every week we have a children’s talk early in the service. After the Kids’ Spot the children normally go to their activities and return towards the end of the service. But of course, kids are always very welcome to stay with us throughout the whole service.

Our 4:30pm service is an all-ages service that is very relaxed in tone. It is ideal for people with younger kids who are invited to fully share in the service. The service lasts for about an hour and is followed by a light meal so you don’t have to prepare dinner when you go home. Once a month we celebrate Holy Communion together.