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We are an inclusive community that worships in the catholic tradition.


We are in the heart of the Calwell shopping precinct, on the corner of Were & Webber Crescent.
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Readings for the upcoming and previous weeks. Readings 23 October 2016 Readings 16 October 2016 Readings 9 October 2016 Readings 2 October 2016 Readings 25 September 2016 Readings 18 September 2016 Readings 11 September 2016 Readings 4 September 2016 Readings 28 August 2016 Readings 21 August 2016 Readings 14 August 2016 Readings 7 August 2016 Readings […]


Exalted for the upcoming and previous weeks. Exalted 23 October 2016 Exalted 16 October 2016 Exalted 9 October 2016 Exalted 2 October 2016 Exalted 25 September 2016 Exalted 18 September 2016 Exalted 11 September 2016 Exalted 4 September 2016 Exalted 28 August 2016 Exalted 21 August 2016 Exalted 14 August 2016 Exalted 7 August 2016 Exalted […]

SMiV Sermon 16 October 2016

No audio transcript available. Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost Jeremiah 31.27-34 Psalm 119.97-104 2 Timothy 3.10 – 4.5 Luke 18.1-14 The reality is that our postmodern Western culture of choices rather than givens, of optional obligations and personal agendas, is a world of consumers, yes, of joiners, sometimes—as long as whatever you join provides you with […]

SMiV Sermon 9 October 2016

No audio transcript available. Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost Jeremiah 29.1, 4-7 Psalm 66.1-11 2 Timothy 2.8-15 Luke 17.11-19 Do you have an attitude of gratitude?  If not, how can we cultivate one?  If you do, how can we work to make it richer and deeper? Jesus has healed ten lepers, yet only one has the […]

SMiV Sermon 2 October 2016

Audio transcript available at On this final Sunday I could have wished for a lovely bit of narrative that I would have enjoyed preaching on so much, but here we have one of the most difficult bits of teaching from Jesus. Three years ago I preached about faith from the second half of the […]

Parish Council Minutes

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SMiV Sermon 25 September 2016

No audio transcript available. 25th September 2016                  Social Justice Sunday 19th Sunday after Pentecost Amos 6.1a, 4-7 Psalm 146 1 Timothy 6.6-19 Luke 16.19-31 There are certain spots around this prosperous city of ours where you’re likely to find people sitting on the pavement with a handwritten cardboard sign asking for help.  One such location […]

SMiV Sermon 18 September 2016

No audio transcript available. 18th Sunday after Pentecost Amos 8.4-7 Psalm 113 1 Timothy 2.1-10 Luke 16.1-13                       Which side are you on? I said last week that the familiarity of the parables in our Gospel reading made it difficult not to bore you all to sleep.  This week, we have the parable usually known as […]

SMiV Sermon 11 September 2016

No audio transcript available. Exodus 32.7-14 Psalm 14 1 Timothy 1.1-2, 12-19a Luke 15.1-10 Lost things I have a riddle for you – how does the lost sheep repent? I’ll give you the answer at the end. One of the difficulties of hearing very familiar Bible stories is that, quite often, we don’t in fact […]

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